TechBrain is a trusted IT company, providing diverse IT services to its clients since 2002. Their range of services include managed IT, cyber security, consulting and strategy services, cloud services, IT infrastructure, and IT consulting. Moreover, TechBrain also caters to business phone systems that utilize the VOIP 3CX Phone System. In addition, they extend their services across different industries like professional services, manufacturing, non-for-profit organizations, local government, medical services, and more.

Their managed IT service offers a dedicated IT response team that helps in effective vendor management. They also provide IT Help Desk services and Network Administration. TechBrain's remote IT support allows for efficient problem-solving and technical assistance.

TechBrain's cyber security service offers managed security service and cyber security awareness training. They ensure your business is secure by conducting cyber risk audits, ISMS ISO27001 audits, and phishing awareness training. Offering their clients an updated ICT Policy and Personal Data Policy, TechBrain supports in ransomware removal as well.

The Company's consulting and strategy services come with a wide range of audits including cyber risk and ISO27001. They also provide advice on ICT policy updates, and make clients aware of phishing trends.

TechBrain's cloud services revolve around cloud computing and hybrid cloud solutions. They also provide data recovery and data backup options. Their services include Software as a Service (SaaS), offering a convenient method to access business applications.

Their IT Infrastructure service focuses on asset lifecycle management and hardware as a service (HaaS). The Company provides App and Device Synchronization consulting as well.

TechBrain's IT consulting services offer vCIO services and IT project management which allows businesses to efficiently manage their resources and complete their projects on time.

For communication purposes, TechBrain has business phone services in place. They offer VOIP 3CX Phone System, along with its advantages, to their clients. They even provide a comparison of VoIP and PBX to help their clients make informed choices.

Overall, TechBrain offers a comprehensive list of IT services across various industries, making it a one-stop solution for many businesses. From managing IT resources to securing cyber systems, from cloud computing to communication systems, TechBrain provides essential services that can cater to all the technology needs of a company.

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