Sandhills Global is an information processing company situated in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company focuses on various markets including aviation, construction equipment, farmland machinery, and heavy-duty truck, unveiling periodic industry reports that detail market trends and dynamics. Sandhills Global's service enables customers to acquire, process and distribute information more effectively.

Recently, Sandhills Global disclosed insights on aviation industry trends, particularly concerning pre-owned jets, piston single aircraft, turboprop aircraft and Robinson piston helicopters. Based on the company's findings from July to August, aircraft inventory levels in Sandhills's marketplaces saw an upward trajectory, while the demand for these aircraft remained high.

In the realm of heavy industries, the company noted that inventory increases have somewhat impacted auction values across various sectors including construction equipment, farmland machinery, heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers. The trend indicates a deceleration in equipment value in these industries on Sandhills Global's marketplaces.

Sandhills Global has also expanded its business reach beyond information processing to support local communities. Recently, the company entered into a multi-million-dollar partnership with the Lancaster County Agricultural Society for naming rights at the Lancaster Event Center, located in Lincoln, Nebraska. This 15-year deal worth $7.125 million, launching in December 2023, will rename the center as the Sandhills Global Event Center, and the seven largest spaces on the 160-acre county fairgrounds will receive new names.

In terms of career opportunities, Sandhills Global offers a range of jobs in a diverse field that reflects its various market categories. Opportunities for prospective employees to join these dynamic teams contribute to the company's growth in serving specific marketplaces.

To conclude, Sandhills Global effectively uses its strength in data processing to provide valuable market insights, shaping industries including aviation, construction, farming, and trucking. The company's recent move into naming rights partnership exemplifies its diverse engagement approach in supporting local communities. By gathering, processing, and distributing information, Sandhills Global remains dedicated to informing and connecting its customers across a wide array of sectors.