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  • Programming Languages
    A list of opinions regarding a number of programming languages. These opinions are from Dr. Mark Utting, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Waikato in New Zealand.

  • Programming Languages: Google Code
    A list of classes and video lectures on various languages and their uses.

  • Real objects EP
    Features programs such as PDF Reactor and VersioTrack. It also offers descriptions of its functions and other relevant information.

  • Rosetta Code
    Connects a number of different programming languages. It takes common programming tasks and displays them in a number of languages.

  • Say It Now EP
    Demo version of Java text-to-speech system that translates the English language into speech.

    This is the website of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.

  • Sockets EP
    Features sample source codes as well as web links and reference files for those who are passionate about coding and programming.

  • Spartan internet EP
    Company that specializes in consulting. It provides strategic web development and e-commerce solutions.

  • Tek-Tips Forums EP
    Consists of a vast discussion forum, job offerings, FAQ section and white papers; addressing mainly specialists in the field.

  • The Go Programming Language
    This is the main page for Google's Go programming language.

  • The Site Wizard EP
    Offers articles and information that focuses on server side scripting. Aiming at the attention of coders and programmers worldwide.

  • The unofficial cookie FAQ EP
    Features extensive information: definition, history, fundamental and advanced topics on internet cookies.

  • Transparen LLC
    Works on projects for startups, usually involving writing iPhone or Android apps to synchronize workflows or connections between people in the sharing economy.

  • Walker&Co. EP
    Official website of a firm that offers internet consulting services, web development, SEO and much more.

  • Webmetro EP
    An internet marketing company and interactive agency that offers details and information on the services offered on this website.

  • XML EP
    Provides XML development tools, discussions and tutorials for those who are making a living by providing programming and coding services.

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