Tek-Tips Forums is an information technology professional forum that is part of Engineering.com. This platform is intended for computer professionals who are interested in sharing knowledge and engaging in discussions with their peers. It offers a variety of features to its members, provided they opt for receiving e-mails, another mode through which updates and communication are furnished.

One salient feature is the members' ability to interact and converse with other members. Members are notified of responses to their posts, facilitating a dynamic interchange of information and ideas. Notably, automated signatures on posts are allowed, contributing to the individuality and personalization of users' contributions.

The Tek-Tips Forums platform is organized meticulously making it user-friendly. The site ensures easy access to favorite forums with a one-click feature, speeding up the navigation process. There is also a Google Custom Search and a site search that assists users in tracking a specific forum thread or posts by their names, with the search extending to frequently asked questions.

Additionally, the platform constantly acknowledges and appreciates valuable contributions from members. For instance, recognitions such as the one given to Chris Miller for having most helpful posts in the forums a week are commonplace, fostering a sense of community and encouragement among the members.

Tek-Tips Forums offers a broad range of discussion categories, which span from General Asset Management to specifics like EMC: VMware Gateway and IBM: AIX Linux (server), among others. This wide range of topics ensures the platform caters to diverse IT professionals and their varied interests.

However, the forum maintains certain restrictions to keep the platform purely informational and professional. Promotions, recruiting, selling, coursework, and thesis postings are considered inappropriate. The platform is equally beneficial for students, with special clickable links catering specifically to their needs.

Verdict: Tek-Tips Forums, through Engineering.com, provides a rich, organized and professional platform for IT professionals to connect, engage, and share valuable information. The wide array of topics, user-friendly features, and a steadfast commitment to informational content make it a notable presence in the realm of professional IT forums.