is a comprehensive platform offering free webmaster tutorials and website creation tools. The website covers various aspects of website design, promotion, programming, and revenue generation. It caters to beginners and provides straightforward content in simple English language, allowing users to understand the process of creating and starting a website.

Thesitewizard' offerings extend to a guide on setting up a blog. Among the array of other articles featured on the site, users can access a more complete list from the Site Map. This resource proves to be a reliable guide for users who are making their initial foray into website creation or blog setup.

There is a specific section dedicated to getting started with creating a website. This section is aptly titled, The Beginner's A-Z Guide. Along with this, it features content explaining how to register a domain name, the costs associated with setting up a website, and tips on selecting a domain name. Additionally, users can find answers to common queries like how to choose a web host and understanding the difference between a domain name registrar and a web host.

One of the unique features of is that it outlines the difference between various technical terms such as a Content Management System (CMS), a blog, a web editor, and an online site builder. This can be particularly beneficial to users who struggle to differentiate between these terms.

The platform also has a focus on domain names, and provides guidelines about registering a domain name, precautions to take when buying a domain name, and how to point a domain name to your website. Furthermore, it answers the frequently asked questions such as the continuous payment of a fee to keep a domain name, the possibility of changing registrars, and the procedures to terminate a domain name.

Overall, proves to be a comprehensive guide for beginners stepping into the world of website creation. It is rich in informative articles and tutorials that aid in understanding and executing each step involved. The website's focus on providing easy-to-understand content in plain English makes it approachable and user-friendly.