Noemax is a comprehensive software application that offers a suite of performance components for .NET and Xamarin developers. Noemax's product line-up includes PowerWebSockets, WCF-Xtensions, FastInfoset.NET, DotNetCompression, and Noemax360 - all aimed at boosting the performance of software.

One of the stand-out offerings, PowerWebSockets, supports real-time bi-directional communications between devices, browsers, desktops, and servers. Its key features include high-throughput framework for bi-directional WebSocket communications, JSON messaging, binary stream attachments, payload compression, transport security, and asynchronous messaging, thus delivering comprehensive communication solution for developers.

The WCF-Xtensions product offers advanced binding capabilities for WCF clients and services. It aims at enhancing the performance of such clients and services, providing a more robust and efficient development experience.

FastInfoset.NET effectively addresses XML size issues by offering ultra-compact, interoperable, standards-based binary encoding. This tool can prove ideal for developers seeking to minimize the size of XML files, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

DotNetCompression is another high-performance product from Noemax, specifically designed to break the speed barrier with fast managed compression implementations. It stands out for its speed and efficiency, making it an appealing choice for developers dealing with significant data volumes.

Noemax360 bundles all Noemax components into a single subscription, providing maximum performance benefits in a single package. It simplifies the purchasing process for developers, allowing them to access the entire suite of tools under one subscription.

Another Noemax feature is its Blueprints section, which allows users to download the full source code and build the redistributables on their own. This feature provides a great deal of flexibility and control for developers who prefer a hands-on approach.

Overall, Noemax offers a wide selection of tools and its potential advantages include increased speed, enhanced security features, more efficient coding practices, and improved communications between various platforms. It recognizably aims at offering solutions that can tailor to the needs of every .NET and Xamarin developer, making for a more efficient and streamlined development process.