Directions on Microsoft is a business offering clear, impartial, and actionable advice on Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services. With over 30 years of expertise in Microsoft licensing, they provide reliable tools and valuable insights to help businesses make confident and cost-effective decisions.

The firm's services encompass a broad range of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Product Roadmaps, Microsoft Product Reports, Microsoft Decision Kits, and Microsoft Licensing Reference Sets. These services can significantly reduce the time businesses require to understand and evaluate new Microsoft technologies, simplifying decision-making processes.

In addition, Directions on Microsoft provides membership opportunities to gain access to more accurate tools and insights. This membership allows businesses to leverage their expertise for better Microsoft technology decisions, potentially avoiding expensive mistakes.

Furthermore, Directions on Microsoft also provides a variety of resources such as webinars, podcasts, and blogs to keep clients informed about the latest trends and updates in Microsoft technologies. Their training includes sessions on Microsoft Licensing and Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiation.

The firm provides strategic assessments for Microsoft strategies, negotiation support for Enterprise Agreements, and assistance for self-audits and audit defense. In addition to these, they have an Expert Desk service available to answer any Microsoft related inquiries.

Directions on Microsoft caters to a range of professional clients. They offer strategic tools for executives and technology managers, facilitating better decision-making in terms of Microsoft technologies and licensing. In particular, they offer support for roles such as the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Application Development Manager, and many more.

In conclusion, Directions on Microsoft conducts detailed assessments and offers support for Microsoft strategies, while also providing accurate tools and insights into the Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services. With a wide range of resources and services, they cover the specifics of Microsoft technology and licensing, thus providing a comprehensive service for anyone whose job involves Microsoft technologies or licensing.