Fedora is a Linux OS distribution supported and fully developed by the Fedora Project, which is an open source community that was formed in '03 as a partnership between volunteer contributors and Red Hat. While the Fedora operating system is available free of charge for customization and use, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available as a paid OS. In general, Fedora users are designers and other creative folks who require stability and various features not yet available in other operating systems.

Main purpose

Fedora is used as a source of software innovations for the Linux releases of Red Hat Enterprise. There is a special connection between the 2 Linux distributions which basically explains where the name of "Fedora" originates from. Practically, "Fedora" refers to the hat that is used in the Shadowman logo of Red Hat.


The initial Fedora release was dubbed as "Fedora Core 1-4" and it was launched between '03 - '05, followed by future releases in '06 and '07, dubbed "Fedora Core 5-6" and "Fedora 7" respectively. However, the Fedora Project doesn't support these versions anymore. The only versions that are currently supported include Fedora 8 (released in '07), Fedora 9 (launched in the spring of '08) and Fedora 10 (released at the end of '08).

Many users have praised the "Fedora Cambridge" release of the OS because it comes with an entirely new set of innovative characteristics such as:

  1. Sugar Desktop Environment.
  2. Ext4 file system support.
  3. Internet based packages installer.
  4. Faster startup with Plymouth.
  5. A new "Solar" Artwork.

In January this year Fedora 18 was released and it's been dubbed "Fedora Spherical Cow". Amongst its other interesting additions and features, it also includes:

  1. OpenStack Folsom open source cloud platform.
  2. Improved Active Directory support.
  3. Xfce version 4.10.
  4. KDE version 4.9.
  5. USB secure boot support.

Currently, the latest Fedora development (Fedora 19) is known as "Schrodinger's Cat" and it's received a lot of praise thanks to its improved functionality and new features compared to previous versions. In terms of price, users can purchase it for a low $11.