CDW is an IT solutions and services firm offering extensive services and technologies to solve business problems. The company also offers hardware and software products for businesses. The firm emphasizes the delivery of different IT solutions and boasts industry-leading partnerships with proven end-to-end support. The company website features an interactive shopping platform for new Surface devices.

CDW serves multiple sectors including healthcare, K-12 education, higher education, finance, retail, and small businesses. With their expertise and experience, they can provide solutions tailored to each industry's unique needs.

CDW is noteworthy for its strong focus on healthcare organizations. The company provides various tools and articles offering insights and potential solutions to common industry issues. For instance, they highlighted an article on leveraging hybrid cloud technology to help healthcare businesses be more competitive and adaptable. This in turn, they argue, will future-proof the business model and improve patient outcomes.

Also in the healthcare realm, CDW shared information about how artificial intelligence (AI) can make healthcare more efficient. The firm suggests that healthcare organizations have a significant chance to experience financial returns from investments in AI-driven solutions from trusted partners.

Furthering its services for rural areas, CDW has presented virtual care solutions to address healthcare challenges; suggesting that implementing virtual care solutions in these areas can make healthcare access more convenient, reduce financial burdens, and mitigate staffing shortages.

In conclusion, CDW is a comprehensive IT solutions and services provider that offers specialized technology solutions and hardware/software products for businesses across varied industries. They offer significant expertise in healthcare, proposing various innovative solutions to common industry challenges, including leveraging cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and virtual care. The company's approach focuses on utilizing its industry-leading partnerships and ample experience to enhance the performance, security, and portability of its business offering.