Vorboss, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in London, offers distinct fibre internet services primarily for business purposes. The standout feature of Vorboss involves delivering high-speed internet connections with a baseline offering of 10Gbps. According to the company, it is the sole provider extending this service, which could suffice the demands of businesses with heavy data requirements for the forthcoming decade and possibly beyond.

Vorboss also takes pride in the provision of its network services. Unlike most ISPs that typically retail access to a generic fibre network, Vorboss has taken it upon itself to construct and maintain their network, distinctively tailored to their standards. This strategic effort demonstrates an unrelenting focus on providing an exceptionally high standard of business-class internet connectivity.

The firm's pricing for its 10G internet package is competitive at ₤650 per month and carries the assurance of a price guarantee throughout the contract's lifespan. The package consists of no installation costs and rolls on a monthly basis following the initial 12-month duration.

For clients seeking higher bandwidth, Vorboss offers a 100G internet service. Priced at ₤2,999 per month, this offering mirrors the price guarantee and contract terms of the 10G package.

However, Vorboss's customer service approach is what truly sets it apart. The company prioritises expertise over process rigidity by ensuring that customers can directly communicate with knowledgeable individuals rather than traditional call centres.

Overall, Vorboss presents a compelling offering for businesses in London. It provides high-speed, scalable internet solutions, backed by a bespoke fibre network and professional customer service. For companies reliant on fast, high-capacity data connections, Vorboss is worth serious consideration.

Business address

Ai Networks
22 Long Acre, Covent Garden,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 02071831042