Luminet Solutions is a London-based business broadband provider specializing in wireless microwave and gigabit internet products. Their offerings cater particularly to the commercial property, financial services, events, media, and professional services sectors.

Luminet touts enterprise-grade, managed, and uncontended internet access solutions. These claims are substantiated by capabilities such as their ability to establish internet connectivity within ten days, suggesting a high level of operational efficiency and responsiveness. Their wide-ranging speeds, spanning from 20 Mbps to 10Gbps, on their wireless and fibre lease line options cater multiple business requirements, indicating their solutions versatility.

The company leverages a combination of wireless and fibre networks to deliver a resilient internet connection. They offer their customers an ambitious 100% uptime guarantee, suggesting a high level of confidence in their network stability and robustness. Their emphasis on reliability is a key selling point, particularly in fields such as financial services, where millisecond differences can have substantial financial implications.

Notably, Luminet Solutions showcases a customized approach to different industry sectors. For instance, for businesses operating serviced offices, Luminet understands the importance of affordable, high-speed connectivity with maximum uptime. They also recognize the strict regulatory compliance that drives technology procurement in the financial sector.

For the media and events industry, they have adapted to changes triggered by the events of 2020. Their focus on accommodating the digital shift, such as facilitating virtual events and catering to the connectivity needs of remote journalists is commendable.

Similarly, within the professional services sector, Luminet acknowledges the reliance of these organizations on stable and efficient internet connections. Such an attuned approach suggests their ability and commitment to tailoring their solutions to the unique needs of different industries.

Apart from this, Luminet offers a partner programme and has a dedicated partner portal that fosters collaboration. Offering instant quotes in addition to resources such as case studies and a blog section, the company demonstrates a commitment to transparency and education in their customer engagement approach.

In conclusion, Luminet Solutions positions itself as a comprehensive business internet access provider with a diverse range of offerings. Their approach, emphasizing versatility, reliability, and sector-specific customization, paints a compelling picture of their capability as a service provider. This, combined with their ventures towards transparency and collaboration, speaks volumes for their dedication towards customer satisfaction.

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2 Angel Square,
United Kingdom

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Phone: +44 2074006300