Miles IT is a comprehensive provider of Managed IT services, Software and Web Development. They offer a multitude of services including IT consulting, IT support, software development, ecommerce and dynamic websites, digital marketing, cloud computing and migrations, and cyber security systems integration. These offerings make them a full-service IT firm capable of catering to all digital needs of a business.

The company has a notable feature called Striven - All in One Business Software which essentially centralizes all of the digital activities of a business. This seems to be a clear example of their commitment to simplifying technology for their clients.

In addition to their technical services, Miles IT also appears to have a robust consulting service. Here, services span from IT consulting and Technology Risk Assessment to more strategic activities such as Business Transformation, Growth and Strategy Planning. They even cater to Mergers and Acquisitions processes. This means that clients can go to Miles IT for help not only with daily IT troubleshooting, but also for strategic business growth driven by technology.

Miles IT seems to have built solid expertise in several industries since they list 14 verticals in which they operate including Healthcare and Medical, Logistics and Distribution, Finance and Insurance, and Entertainment and Hospitality, among others. This breadth of industry expertise could be advantageous for clients looking for an IT company that understands the nuances of their business operations and sector.

It's clear from their website that they make an effort to educate and empower businesses about the power of technology. They talk of adding MORE VALUE to clients' businesses through better technology, echoing their mission of making technology less complex for their customers.

To facilitate this, they highlight a three-step process of Consulting, Implementation, and Support on their site. This structured approach offers clients a clear path to start leveraging technology in their own firms.

In conclusion, Miles IT comes across as an experienced and comprehensive I.T firm. They offer a wide range of offerings ranging from Managed IT services to strategy consulting. Their experience across multiple industries, coupled with their end-to-end, customer-focused approach, makes them a viable option for firms seeking to enhance their businesses through advanced technology solutions.

Business address

Miles Technologies
300 West Route 38,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (800) 496-8001