PersonalTelco is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3), residing in Portland, Oregon. The organization is devoted to the principle that users should play a central role in the operation of their communication networks. To realize this idea, PersonalTelco emphasizes on creating networks, sharing them with communities, and educating others on how to do the same.

The organization has made use of Wi-Fi technology to achieve their objectives. They launched this project in the year 2000 by turning their residences into wireless hotspots, which they referred to as nodes. Following this, they expanded their network to public locations including parks and coffee shops. Currently, the organization has approximately 100 active nodes that contribute to the project.

PersonalTelco is keen on expanding their project by involving more individuals and businesses from all corners of the city. They welcome contributions in the form of time, materials, and even cash donations. This approach not only offers a community service but also provides an education opportunity for the community to engage with and understand their communication networks.

In conclusion, PersonalTelco aligns with a noble cause in promoting user-focused network operations and education. The organization's efforts are highly commendable, and their commitment to expand network operation involvement across Portland is indeed a step forward in user-oriented communication networks. The non-profit's work displays genuine commitment to communal involvement and development concurrently emphasizing user-empowered communication networks.