Nokia Corporation is a multinational telecommunications and consumer electronics company offering a variety of products and services. They are prominently recognized for their solutions in industries like energy, manufacturing and logistics, public sector, and transportation. In addition, Nokia is involved in providing training services oriented towards service providers as well as enterprises and governments.

One of Nokia's major areas of focus is licensing. They offer various types of licensing including patent licensing, brand licensing, technology licensing, and SEP licensing. This involves the standardization of these licensed products which indicates that their products undergo a series of quality checks and controls to ensure optimal performance.

In terms of their approach to market build, Nokia Corporation employs a dynamic strategy that involves the discovery of insights and research data. They utilize various platforms to conduct this research including articles, virtual events, video series, and podcasts. This kind of comprehensive research allows Nokia Corporation to stay at the forefront of industry trends and consumer expectations.

Nokia Corporation also places emphasis on sustainability, leadership, and innovation. The company's history is characterized by a drive for novel technologies and this inclination towards innovation continues to shape their operations. Privacy and security measures are also integrated into their products and services, demonstrating their commitment to providing secure offerings for their clients.

Nokia Corporation caters to a global market and to facilitate communication, they have made their content available in multiple languages including English (International), Chinese (Simplified), Finnish, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Overall, Nokia Corporation maintains an extensive portfolio of products and services, backed by a long history of innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Through their comprehensive research, commitment to quality control, and their global outreach, Nokia Corporation has established itself as a major player in the telecommunications and consumer electronics industry.