Apple Sales and Repair offers a vast range of tech support services. Located across four different locations in Kearney, Hastings, Grand Island, and Lincoln, the company primarily specializes in the sale and repair of Apple products. Interested clients can reach out to them via multiple contact numbers provided for each location.

The company shows expertise in product repairs, including iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod, Lenovo, Apple Watch, and other devices, ensuring wide coverage for all your tech needs. Besides the standard repair services, they also offer a service for Beats and More Repair, demonstrating their versatility and ability to repair a range of items. The facility for general repair requests is also available for clients.

In addition to repair services, Apple Sales and Repair provides diverse services like the Care+ Unlimited Tech Support and One-on-One Tech Training. These services convey commitment to customer service, as they aim to assist clients beyond simple repairs, with continuous tech support and personalized training. They also provide data recovery services and electronic recycling, implying a firm grasp of a comprehensive array of tech support services. Moreover, a trade-in program is also a part of their services.

In terms of product offering, they have a variety of tech products ready that includes Apple, Lenovo, and Sonos devices. Their inventory also contains original HP Ink and toner. They also cater to budgeted needs with their pre-owned inventory and closeouts.

Educational-based support appears to be a significant part of their services, as they have dedicated sections for education, highlighting their commitment to help schools and other educational entities. Offering projector case studies and having an Education Catalog suggests their readiness to serve the academic community.

Apple Sales and Repair also houses an inclusive blog that provides helpful tips and instructions, such as how to turn off 'find my device'. The company invites customer engagement through various platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

The company also offers job opportunities for people interested in joining their workforce as there are full/part-time positions available, indicating the company's growth and commitment to job creation.

In conclusion, Apple Sales and Repair caters to a wide array of tech support needs. With ample repair services, versatile products, education-based services, and customer engagement through blogs and social media platforms, they seem to cover all bases in the tech support and repair industry. They are customer-centric and aim to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients.