ticalc.org is a platform that provides its community various services, archives, and programming hardware. It is well-known for hosting an array of software to assist in programming calculators. Among the many tools and programs it provides is a robust programming language called 'Newprog', designed for the TI-68k series.

Newprog 1.0, launched in 2010, is a highly functional programming language whose syntax draws from TI-68k Basic. It incorporates elements reminiscent of both C and ASM languages, allowing user access to memory, sprites, timers, and OS variables. A fundamental characteristic of Newprog is its ability to execute TI-Basic instructions directly. Moreover, Newprog programs can be edited and compiled directly on the calculator. Feature-wise, it shares similarities with Axe Parser for the monochrome TI-Z80 series. However, while the latter successfully rejuvenated its corresponding community, Newprog failed to instigate a significant revival when it was released.

In terms of newer developments, Newprog 2.0 was made available on ticalc.org. This new version represents an enhancement of its previous iteration, Newprog 1.0. It has maintained generally good backwards compatibility while integrating substantial new functionality. A key advantage of Newprog 2.0 is its integration with NPPTOC, an innovative calculator-side program. NPPTOC facilitates source-to-source translation between Newprog and C, albeit with certain conditions, such as the need for variables to maintain a single type throughout their lifetime.

Post translation, the programs can be compiled to assembly using two methods, GTC (both calculator-side and computer-side) or GCC4TI (computer-side only). This process creates faster, standalone native code binaries. NPPTOC further enhances the offerings of Newprog 2.0 by adding support for the 'li' command.

In conclusion, ticalc.org offers its community a platform to navigate and utilise various programming tools, including the expansive Newprog language. The recent release of Newprog 2.0, with its enhanced features and integration with NPPTOC, illustrates the platform's commitment to evolution and improved user-experience.