Computer Hardware Explained is a comprehensive online resource that focuses on providing its users with detailed insights and reviews about various computer hardware products. The site offers a wide range of information, spanning from blog articles to specific product reviews and recommendations.

The website has numerous sections, including a blog and menu for browsing through the reviews of different categories of computer hardware. These categories include CPU, monitor, laptop, network-attached storage, external SSDs, video cards, sound cards, power supplies, and more. Also available on the website are the 'Best Computer Reviews' section and numerous, in-depth guides relating to different computer peripherals and components, which allow users to make informed decisions about their computer hardware purchases.

The platform's user interface appears to be simple and easily navigable with sections clearly accessible from the homepage, allowing for hassle-free exploration of desired content. The addition of a search bar enhances the user-friendliness further, enabling users to quickly find the specific content they're looking for.

Computer Hardware Explained's blog posts noticeably aim to demystify computer hardware to non-experts, covering topics such as 'PCs Are Not Scary', 'Learning Hardware', and 'Build Your Own Computer'. These articles, coupled with the site's comprehensive reviews, make the platform an informative resource for both novices seeking basic knowledge and experienced users looking to upgrade their hardware.

However, the downside to the website, at the time of this review, is the presence of '404' errors, which can result in certain pages or content not being found. This can potentially interfere with the user's experience, limiting access to certain materials and information.

In conclusion, Computer Hardware Explained covers a broad spectrum of topics on computer hardware, making it a valuable guide for users interested in understanding more about this field, as well as a solid source of unbiased reviews for individuals aiming to purchase robust computer hardware. Most importantly, it effectively bridges the knowledge gap between less tech-savvy individuals and hardware experts, catering to a diverse range of computer users. Despite a few glitches, it remains mainly user-friendly and easily navigable.