BitGeeks is a comprehensive platform for everything related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Set up as a one-stop-shop, the website offers a wide range of cryptocurrency services and information to its users. These services include providing a Bitcoin wallet, facilitating Bitcoin purchases, and acting as a link between users and affiliates who are Bitcoin vendors.

An impressive feature of BitGeeks is its dedication to making Bitcoin and cryptocurrency knowledge accessible to all its users. The website is designed to guide users step by step, giving them a deep understanding of Bitcoin, its functioning and its nuances. It also spotlights the technology underpinning Bitcoin, that is, blockchain technology, informing users about its potential and its implications for Bitcoin.

Readers can keep themselves updated with the latest Bitcoin trends, updates, and opinions from industry experts through the website's 'Current Events' section. This is particularly beneficial for users interested in in-depth analyses and the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

Additionally, BitGeeks attempts to broaden its user base beyond the cryptocurrency-savvy individuals to include those interested in joining the cryptocurrency revolution but are yet to take the first step. It provides comprehensive how-to guides for getting started with Bitcoin, buying Bitcoin and storing it in a Bitcoin wallet.

The website also offers services in home mining and connects users with Bitcoin vendors, further facilitating their Bitcoin journey. A standout section is the introduction to Satoshi's white paper on Bitcoin, which serves as the perfect starting place for anyone looking to understand the roots of Bitcoin.

BitGeeks maintains a dynamic online presence, with active profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and Facebook. This enables the platform to interact with users, answer their queries, and share updates promptly. The website also features a contact page where users can submit any questions or provide feedback.

All things considered, BitGeeks comes across as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Whether an individual is looking for detailed reports, expert analyses, or just simple guides to get started with Bitcoin, BitGeeks appears to offer it all. They seem committed to providing their users with appropriate tools and knowledge to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency effectively.