Zeronet is a reputable and sustainable fibre broadband and internet provider. The company offers unique services that allow users to enjoy unlimited broadband at an economically viable package, with half price for the first five months of usage. This emphasizes their commitment to providing affordable internet services to their consumers.

Additionally, in promoting environmental sustainability, Zeronet has pledged to plant five trees on behalf of each subscriber. This initiative broadcast their dedication to contribute positively to the environment while still offering quality internet services.

The company is looking forward to becoming New Zealand's first carbon zero internet provider. This shows their commitment to leverage technology to provide solutions that are ecologically friendly, thus contributing to the fight against global warming.

Zeronet extends its sustainability practices beyond environmental conservation. They also employ solar energy to power their operations, which is a clean and renewable energy source, thus decreasing their reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

The company places a high priority on customer support and overall user experience. Through a hassle-free set-up and connection process, Zeronet makes it easy for users to access their services. The customers are supported further by a helpdesk that offers prompt and clear assistance without confusing tech-speak, assuring users receive adequate guidance when needed.

Zeronet promises flexibility with customizable plans to cater to different user needs. Customers can change their plan, test their internet speed, and even find solutions to potential problems like Outages. In addition to this, Zeronet offers Wi-Fi options, allowing users to find connectivity solutions that suit them best.

There are a few standard acts of user support too, such as providing support in setting up the modem, and offering assistance in case of a house move. The troubleshooting service provides solutions to common problems like Ethernet issues and answers frequently asked questions, ensuring that customers receive help when required.

Zeronet observes the best practices in maintaining its consumer's privacy, as suggested by its privacy terms and conditions clearly stated. This shows a high level of accountability and serves as an assurance that user data is safe.

Overall, Zeronet manifests itself as a sustainable, customer-focused internet service provider offering a variety of internet plans. Therefore, if you are in New Zealand and searching for sustainable and reliable internet services, Zeronet could be a good option for consideration.

Business address

162 Grafton Road, Grafton,
Auckland 1010,
New Zealand