PostgreSQL is one of the most comprehensive database management system used by multinational corporations and businesses worldwide. Evolved from the Ingres project, PostgreSQL was introduced in the year 1982 at University of California. The project was led by Michael Stone baker with an aim to address the problems with contemporary database systems. In the 1980's management became a challenge, which led to the development of this program.

The PostgreSQL aims to add features required to provide complete management support. These features include: ability to define the relationships and types of the subject which is entirely understood by the user. The PostgreSQL database understands the relationships, and retrieves information in a table form with implication of natural rules.

In January 1997, the project was release formed version 6.0 and since then the software has been maintained by a group of expert database developers around the world. The developers and volunteers from all corners of the world coordinate with each other via Internet to maintain the functionality and usability of the software.

The PostgreSQL continues to bring new updates every year with minor "bug-fix". All of them are available under the same license and codes. The codes provided come from support companies, proprietors, contributions and open-source programmers in a large volume. .

PostgreSQL is technically a fully featured object-relational database management system with plenty of enterprise related features. Some of the effective and useful features include:

  • ACID transactions.
  • Inheritance database
  • Unicode and strong support for the SQL-92 standard.
  • Subqueries.
  • Views and outer joins.
  • Foreign keys.
  • Sequences and triggers.

It is highly extensible and allow you to define internal functions in various languages that include: C, C++, Perl, TCL, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and PL/PgSQL. In comparison to other similar software available in the market like MySQL, PostgreSQL is consistent and fully featured. It provides better support for large multiprocessor system environments.