Teradata, currently headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, was incorporated in the year 1979. It is an enterprise software company that sells a RDBMS (relational database management system). It is one of the leading companies in the field of data warehousing and enterprise analytics. It was acquired by NCR Corporation in 1991, which was part of AT&T Corporation. However, Teradata separated from NCR in 2007.

The company is best known for helping Wal-mart analyze its business on a mass scale. It is used by enterprises of various sizes. Some of the popular firms associated with Teradata are Wipro, IBM and Computer Sciences.

The Teradata product is a data warehousing system, which stores and manages the data. Teradata is a massive parallel processing system which runs a 'shared nothing' architecture. Shared nothing architecture means that every server node has its independent processing power and memory. The advantage of this architecture is that by adding more servers and nodes, the amount of data that can be stored increases. The database software distributes the workload amongst the serves.


Teradata database system offers specific and unique features and components and analytic tools that help support data communication management. These components include Micro TDP, Teradata Director Program, and Call Level interface. The key features of Teradata database include unmatched scalability for large volume leads, quick access to data for more timely decision making, unmatched scalability for large volume loads and integration with ETL and ELT (leading tools in the industry).

Some of the major Teradata client software components include Archive, Basic Teradata Query, Open Teradata Backup, Teradata Manager, ODBC, TDP, CLI, FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport and Query Man. This database system offers flexibility with respect to data warehouse.

Teradata offers unique and potent analytical solutions, which help small as well as big businesses actively manage their systems and improve growth. It's proven scalability, ease of use and competitive pricing allows your entire organization to benefit from your valuable corporate information assets.