Created and manufactured by Swedish company MySQL AB, MySQL is one of the most popular and comprehensive database system. The first version of the software was introduced on 23rd May, 1995. Initially, MySQL was created for personal usage, but later on was made open to general market keeping in view its functionality and usability.

MySQL is the one of the most popular database system used with PHP. The data in MySQL is stored in the form of tables. Tables formed in SQL are basically a collection of related data, arranged in the form of columns and rows. MySQL includes comprehensive set of modern features, advanced management tools and technical support to help the users achieve highest level of scalability, reliability, security and uptime.

The Enterprise Edition also helps improve the risk, cost and complexities involve in deploying, developing and managing a business enterprise. The software is available in five different editions to suit the requirements of all kinds of users. These are:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Standard Edition
  • MySQL Classic Edition
  • MySQL Cluster CGE
  • MySQL Embedded (OEM/ISV)

Information stored in the form of a database is organized categorically. It is indeed world's most popular open source database, which delivers cost-effective, reliable, high-performance and scalable embedded database applications. A company or business might have database with following tables.

  • Employees
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders

The best thing about using MySQL is that it can be scaled down on the basis of support required for embedded database applications. People think that the software is only suitable for small and medium-sized operations, but the fact is that it is equally efficient for high-volume systems as well.

In fact, MySQL is the de-facto standard database system used in various websites for web sites handling huge volumes of data and end users. User-friendly interface and ease of accessibility has made MySQL famous in the industry. Industrial-strength performance and reliability are other two important factors delivered by the software.