The internet has come to be a blessing to humanity. The amount of information that can be gained by just clicking a button has made life a lot easier. With websites, all that can help a user get the information they need.

Long gone are the days when we used to search for companies and organizations using the directory. But now everything is online and all groups and careers are covered. And it all boils down to how well a website is designed.

All websites are there because they are a means to offer information. They are meant to serve as a guide from which users can learn more about the product or content they are providing.

It is the simplicity of the website that makes it stand out. And that is what the KATS K9 – Records Management offers.

The K9 Website

The K9 Activity Tracking-System (KATS) is an online record keeping system which aims to service the K9 unit of the police force. It facilitates the police in training as well as deployments and protects the police officers and agencies from potential liability cases.
It was the brain child of K9 police officers and prosecution attorneys to specifically help and protect the K9 units.

The Homepage

When you enter the website, the first thing you will notice is how simple it is. Not too many colors or a lot of images. Set in a white backdrop, the homepage is simple yet elegant. And the first image the website has basically summarizes what the website is all about; with a police officer standing by as the dog does its duty and a computer in a server room. This tells you directly that they are about and will not take you round in circles trying to figure out the main purpose of the site. The white background is a save because it makes the words very pronounced and thus even people who cannot see that well will not have a problem.

As you scroll down, the page gives a brief description of who what they do, who they are and a history of how they came to be. As you continue downwards you will see a description of the features that they offer and if interested you are given a 30 day free trial of their product. The homepage also contains information about mobile systems that support the software.

As you get to the end you will find the contact information if you would like to contact them. And they also provide their business hours.


The navigation bar is found at the top of the website just above the first image. The first 2 and last page have a drop – down menu for easier access to their services. The navigation is a simple design and allows you to easily access the pages


Every page in the navigation bar has the registered user. There is a "Log in" option that opens a different tab when you click on it. This makes it really easy for you to open the page and keep it open without doing anything as you navigate the website and learn a bit more. The log in also allows for new users to register.

Explore – This page has a drop down menu that has 3 options; security as well as smartphones and user interface.
Security – Description of measures put in place to secure the data received.
Smartphones – Types of Smartphone OS that support the system.
Interface – Shows the type of user interface you will encounter when using the system.
Reports – This page also has a drop down menu that has 2 options; Reports overview and sample
Report overview – Gives a detailed description of the formats in which the reports will come in.
Sample – Shows how the reports will look like using examples of previous reports generated.
Pricing – This page shows the prices of the products they give and the packages that come with the products. Prices are monthly based.
System Updates – This page provides announcements of when the next system update will occur giving dates and what the update is going to be about.
FAQS – Like all websites, K9 also has a FAQs page which answers any types of questions that you might have. If you have a question that has not yet been answered feel free to contact them.
About – It gives description of who the company is. It is basically about the company overview and a message from the company CEO.
More – It also has a drop down menu with 3 options; KATS Gen4-upgrade, Agent liability as well as Record-Keeping basics.
KATS Gen4 - Upgrade – Provides information about the newest upgrade and what you need to know about the upgrade.
Agent Liability – Gives information about liability exposure faced by the K9 unit supervisors and administrators.
Record-Keeping Basics – It essentially talks about the importance of keeping good records and the value of producing the right documents in the right situations.


Once you are through with the website you feel like you have gained more than enough information. It well describes its purpose for the K9 unit. It provides the necessary information that anyone can read without having to give more than is needed.

The design itself allows you to go back and forth without any problems. And just having the right font with a simple white background makes it easy for the eyes. I don't see why anyone in the dog unit would not want to join. Even I wanted to join and am not police officer. The website is exquisite.

Business address

Eden K9 Consulting & Training Corp.
123 Hawkmere View,
T1X 1T7

Contact details

Phone: 403-569-6822