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  • KATS - K9 Activity Tracking System Law Enforcement Software
    Secure online records management program designed specifically for police K9 operations, training and deployments, designed to protect officers and agencies from potential liability.

  • MySQL
    Created and manufactured by Swedish company MySQL AB, MySQL is one of the most popular and comprehensive database system. The first version of the software was introduced on 23rd May, 1995.

  • Oracle Database EP
    Developed by Oracle Corporation and written in Assembly language and C++, the Oracle database is a database management system that is available in 11 different versions, each version coming with different patches.

  • PostgreSQL
    One of the most comprehensive database management system used by multinational corporations and businesses worldwide. Evolved from the Ingres project, PostgreSQL was introduced in the year 1982 at University of California.

  • Radaris
    A US phone directory providing allowing users to search specific number calling and instantly find the owner's name, address, email, personal profile information or the business info.

  • SQLite
    A software offering a relational database management system (RDBMS).

  • Sybase
    A relational database management system. Mark Hoffman, Bob Epstein, Tom Haggin and Jane Doughty developed this system in 1984.

  • Teradata
    Currently headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, was incorporated in the year 1979. It is an enterprise software company that sells a RDBMS (relational database management system).

  • Explorium Data Science Platform EP
    Combines automatic data discovery, enrichment, and feature engineering to drive accurate predictive models and better business outcomes.

  • Radaris Property Search and Address Directory
    Helps you find the business or person's name at any mailing address in the country for free.

Databases Web Directory

A database is initially an electronic filing system. The filing comprises of collection of information piled and stored in such a way that the allocation makes the identification and selection of data simplified and convenient. In order to have access of the information from a database, you require a database management system (DBMS). DBMS is a assortment of programs that allows you to select, enter, and organize the stored data in a database.

Over years the use of databases has increased to a great extent, to simplify the activities. Furthermore, the concept and the characterization of databases have also seen considerable innovation and modification. New and more efficient databases capable of providing or serving various tools and purposes at the same time cater large information. A good database system is like a backbone for any work, many businessmen and IT sectors require a solid database in order to store their information.

A comparison between traditional and new age database systems

Traditional databases were organized through fields, files, and records. Where a field is a sole piece of data; further to it a record is a whole set of fields; and finally a file is a group of records. However, these days the construction of database has seen a lot of modification, to such an extent that by the use of online database systems one can store maximum data online and minimum data on their PC's. Furthermore, these days the data can be accessed through smartphones also, the need of a computer no longer persists, given the fact that you have an internet connection over the mobile device which you are using to access data on! Apart from these the new era database systems are convenient to use as well.

Use of database in business

A database has a significant role in the smooth running of a business. Be it small or big business enterprise there is a database that can efficiently match their requirements of storing data. Not all databases serve every business perfectly but one can surely get an appropriate database designed according to their business needs. However, be it any sector a database that is easier to use and has infinite or reasonable storing capacity is highly attractive to the users.

This also allows the entrepreneurs to have a constant and easy check on the history and details about their various clients and contacts. They can get access over this important information by sitting at any place and anytime. This eliminates the need of individuals or employees, who otherwise have been filling information and finding them for you whenever required.

Not only the business world, have databases served a great deal of purpose to online platforms as well. The functioning of websites has also become easier. The old fashioned working style of storing information is no longer favorable option to analyze complex information. And is no longer required either, with the presence of newly designed databases, one can have access of various and numerous amount of information easily and conveniently.