Art Sentry is a security provider specializing in museum and gallery security. Their unique offering hinges on a camera-based motion detection and alarm system that is designed to prevent unwanted touching of valuable artifacts and collection pieces. This security measure creates an invisible protection zone around these items, ensuring enhanced security and preservation of museum collections.

Art Sentry claims that their system reports 75 times more touches than what is usually observed by guards alone and manages to prevent over 92% of all object touches. This makes it an effective aid to an existing security team. The system works by allowing users to configure protection zones around each object or artifact through clicking and drawing polygon shapes. This helps customize the security for each piece depending on its specific needs and constraints.

In the event of a breach, the security team is actively notified, and an audible alarm is triggered. This prompt alert system encourages visitors to step away before they touch an artifact or collection piece, significantly minimizing potential damage. These preemptive measures help safeguard the longevity of art and antique pieces at museums, galleries, and other distinguished establishments worldwide.

Art Sentry's security system also aims to enhance the efficiency of security personnel. It is proven to triple the number of gallery sections that security officers can oversee, thereby boosting the overall protection of the collection. Additionally, the system helps improve the visitor experience by eliminating unnecessary physical barriers around displayed artifacts, providing a more immersive and aesthetically pleasing viewing experience.

Verdict: Art Sentry presents an innovative, high-tech security solution that not only significantly fortifies museum and gallery security but also enhances the visitor experience by unobtrusively protecting artifacts. It represents a promising security strategy for institutions that house and display art and antiquities of high value.

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