is the official website for Intel Corporation which is a large American multinational semiconductor chip maker with its headquarters situated in Santa Clara California.


The landing page features a responsive design with pictures of the latest models of each of each of the company's products which include laptops, processors, tablets, smartphones and ultra books. The color scheme is blue with shades of yellow and white which are the company's trademark colors. These three basic colors blend well to bring out a technical feel. Scrolling down on the home page just after the pictures, there is a link that allows you to select your language and others for terms of use, trademarks, privacy and clearing cookies. Once you have selected any language you desire, you have to click on the link in order to access the site in that preselected language.

The homepage has a well laid out dropdown menu with other important links on the footer. Most of the middle section is covered with a responsive slideshow that is animated and responds interestingly when you move your cursor over it. The pictures on this slideshow carry small descriptions of a huge variety of information that can be found on this site. If you find a piece of information that you want to read more about, simply click on its corresponding picture or description and a popup with additional information will appear. The bottom section just below the footer menu is labeled the Newsroom and has a marquee which displays the latest information in the technology world.


Finding your way on the website is pretty easy thanks to a beautifully structured menu and multiple well-placed links. Its menu contains the most essential links which include Intel's products, help, discussions, history and support. Other links that can be found on the site include jobs, investor relations and communities. There is also a sitemap to help new users in navigation and a search button that is very helpful when you want to find information about a specific item.


There is a lot of readable information about various products on the website's content library. What is even better is that this information is available for viewing online or to be downloaded in pdf format. High definition educative videos on upcoming or existing products are also available for viewing online. The content is relevant to the services offered by Intel Corporation and any visitor whether new or returning would be satisfied. There are no errors or grammatical mistakes and the information is laid out using simple terms that are easy to understand.

Other Important Information 

Intel does not actually sell products on its website rather they feature products that have been made using Intel technology then provide links to resellers or the manufacturer's websites. To view these products, just click on menu then "how to buy" and select your preferred category. While in that category choose a product and you can proceed to buy it on a reseller website by clicking on the provided link.

Generally is easy to navigate and offers handy information and support to anyone who is interested in their products.

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Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd.,
Santa Clara,
United States

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Phone: +1-408-765-8080