is Acer's, computer and computer accessories manufacture, website for sharing product info, selling their products through their Acer Store, and offering user support. The target group of the site is the ordinary consumers and business people. The information on the site seems to cater for all these objectives very well.

At a first glance this site looks quite simple to the average person. The colors, green and blue complement each other and are simple to the eye too. They allow the eye to grasp the pictures quite well and understand the information being conveyed. The home page takes a short time to load and this is due to fewer texts and the pictures on the slideshow are very well situated for the web. The varying sizes and font of the texts flows well with the layout of the site too. Its layout is simple and clean and makes one feel comfortable browsing the pages. The fewer texts are ideal for those who are in hurry to get information or those not comfortable with too much info.

Since the design is consistent in all the pages,it is easy for any person to navigate the site. Also, grouping similar information in a single tab saves time when searching for specific information. The design and layout are good for different browsers and the site can adapt to various browser sizes (especially in Mozilla). It is very easy to navigate through the site because you know the menu links are at the top on any page and the navigation links are on the left. All links are functional and there are no redirects. This consistency of the links really adds to the ease of navigation.

Graphics used are applicable to the site’s objective and they compliment the texts quite well. They are sharp and appealing the eye. It would be better if alternate texts were used to help in the navigation of the site. This would be advantageous to those who have disabled pictures from loading.

Also, some of the photos take a longer time to load so it would help to have the graphics designed to be suitable for the web. Information found on the site is relevant and current. The "professional" page on the site for business people is very thoughtful. If that distinction wasn't there then it would take time trying to find what you need from the site. Writing style is consisted throughout the site and the contentis grammatically well written. Product descriptions are short and to the point. This makes visitors searching for quick info on the products to find it faster and, in turn, it makes the site a good reference point.

There are different languages so the site is useful to majority of people worldwide.Advertisements are relevant since they are all for Acer and they also manifest a sense of truthfulness. The product info,though brief, gives the overall description of a product to move a potential buyer to analyze the product objectively and even purchase it.

User support information and downloadable stuff like device manuals and drivers can be located faster and easily even by a first time visitor.The downloading process is straightforward and simple too. Problem-solutions articles are written in simple language that even a person new to computers and not conversant with the technical jargon can easily follow through and understand.

All in all, the simple layout, simple use of language, the appealing graphics and relevant information make an easy to use website.

Review by , senior editor.