Acer United States offers a comprehensive collection of digital products, ranging from laptops and desktops to smart devices and networking tools. This extensive product line is tailored to meet varying needs, appealing to users of differing categories from gaming, business, to education, and creators.

Among their offerings, Acer's laptops recognition spans across several series. Notably, the Swift, Aspire, Spin, Nitro, Enduro, Urban, and TravelMate variants offer versatility. These laptops are powered by Windows and enhanced by Acer AMD Ryzen 7000 Series. Acer also includes Green PC Products in their catalog, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable technology.

In the desktops category, Acer presents a diverse range spanning from business-based Veriton Business Desktops and All in Ones, Nitro for gaming enthusiasts, to the Aspire Classic Desktops and All in Ones. Also, Acer features an Add-In-One Chromebase and Chromebox running on the Windows platform, catering to a wide array of users from personal to professional.

For clients leaning towards Chromebooks, Acer provides solutions aimed at business, cloud, gaming, and education. ChromeOS Enterprise Solutions and Cloud Gaming on Chromebook give a robust response to modern digital needs.

Acer's tablet series includes Iconia and the Enduro Urban Enduro, offering users mobility coupled with robust functionality. In addition, Acer stocks Monitors in various categories like Green PC Products, Creators, Entertainment, Business, Essential Gaming, and SpatialLabs Touch. These precision-engineered products enhance the viewing experience.

Aside from computing devices, Acer also provides projectors fitting various settings from classrooms, large venues to meeting rooms. The Smart Devices series features Acer Halo Swing and Acer Halo Smart Speaker, suggesting a move towards smart home technology. To complement these devices, Acer offers a range of accessories classified under categories like Cables and Dongles, Gaming Controller, Mice, Mouse Pads, Sleeves, Works with Chromebook Styluses, and Networking products.

Finally, Acer delves into eMobility, showcasing eBikes and eScooters under the Kinetic Tech category. This nods to a more sustainable future, adhering to the current shift towards eco-friendly transportation. With an array of products offered, Acer United States strives to cater to the diverse digital needs of its clientele, marking it a one-stop shop for digital products and accessories.