Yulu PR is a Vancouver-based public relations agency that also operates as a firm in New York. They specialize in social and environmental impact relations, utilizing various communication tools to advocate for positive change. The agency firmly believes in leading with an impact to present stories that have importance.

Yulu PR's work primarily revolves around partnering with globally-recognized brands and socially innovative organizations to amplify their impact. From events such as a Red Bull occasion where men are seen embracing one another to a 3D modelled concrete engineering project, Yulu PR showcases a broad spectrum of expertise. Their mission to share meaningful stories is evident across their various partnerships.

Part of Yulu's PR portfolio includes a video collage that serves as a testament to their diverse capabilities. This collage features brief snippets of their work, such as a medical professional walking through a hospital hallway, illustrating the agency's reach into various fields and industries.

Yulu PR boasts an impressive track record, with case studies demonstrating their significant outcomes and impacts. For instance, their efforts with Red Bull Amaphiko showcased their ability to give voice to grassroots social entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, their collaboration with Carbon Engineering, a project revolving around fuel produced from thin air, gained global attention. They were also part of the World Housing initiative, which is the world's first one-for-one real estate gifting model, as well as the Audible community engagement PR case study that aimed to bring equitable opportunities to Canada's underserved writers.

Besides their commitment to promoting impactful stories, Yulu PR also values the well-being of their employees. They have been recognized as one of Canada's top small and medium employers, reflecting their dedication to fostering a nurturing and supportive work environment.

Verdict: Yulu PR combines storytelling with social and environmental causes to amplify positive change. They partner with both global brands and innovative organizations, broadening their scope and influence within the public relations sector. Their commitment to employee well-being further solidifies their reputation as a socially-responsible firm. With a diverse portfolio that spans across various industries, Yulu PR is indeed an agency that drives results and impact.