Flatworld Solutions is a global provider of Business Services and Solutions. This company provides a wide array of services, which include call center services, healthcare BPO, photo editing, software development, data management, and mortgage services. There is also easy accessibility for potential clients, as evident by their contact number being 800-514-7456.

Flatworld Solutions offers a comprehensive set of call center services. Whether clients need inbound, outbound, telemarketing, email marketing, or chat support, this business seems to be inclusive of all areas. Their web advert suggests that they have the capacity to cater to varying client necessities.

The company also provides a range of engineering services, boasting expertise across multiple domains. These domains include Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Civil, and Structural sectors. The competitive rates mentioned in their services demonstrate a focus on offering high-quality services that are also cost-effective.

Flatworld Solutions' software development services stand out due to their customization. They offer custom desktop, web, and mobile apps and software applications developed for businesses, e-Learning, and corporate IT training needs. This suggests that they can cater to different sectors with their software development expertise.

In terms of finance and accounting, Flatworld Solutions presents itself as a reliable service provider. Their offerings in this realm include bookkeeping, tax processing, invoice, and cash flow processing services. Hence, businesses looking for streamlined and organized finance and accounting services could consider Flatworld Solutions.

Aside from these primary offerings, Flatworld Solutions also provides services in other segments like data science research and analysis, transcription, legal process outsourcing, translation, customs brokerage, and logistics. This multidimensional service approach makes them a potentially suitable solution for businesses looking for diverse assistance.

Overall, Flatworld Solutions seems to offer an expansive set of services to cater to the various needs of different businesses. However, information about their testimonials, case studies, and delivery centers would have given deeper insights into the quality and efficiency of their services. Overall, with its wide array of offerings, Flatworld Solutions projects itself as a comprehensive solution provider for businesses across industries.

Business address

Flatworld Solutions
116 Village Blvd, Suite 200,
New Jersey
United States

Contact details

Phone: 8005147456