Air Conditioning and Plumbing is a service provider that operates primarily in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter, FL. They provide a wide range of services, including air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance as well as various plumbing services. The company advertises 24/7 emergency service, making them a reliable option for urgent HVAC and plumbing issues.

Residential customers can resort for air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. The company also handles heating issues and indoor air quality concerns. Additionally, they offer products such as Reme Halo Air Sanitizer and Purifier and Ductless AC Controls and Thermostats to help customers maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment.

For commercial customers, provides AC installation, maintenance and repair services, ensuring businesses maintain a pleasant atmosphere for both workers and clients. They strive to deliver efficient service to minimize the downtime of any company's operations.

Plumbing services offered by the company include emergency plumbing, installation, maintenance, and repair. They cater to general plumbing issues but also specialize in addressing problems like clogged drains and servicing water heaters, including tankless ones. This breadth of services makes them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial clients experiencing plumbing troubles.

With its establishment dating back to 2006 and a high number of favorable reviews, Air Conditioning and Plumbing demonstrates a strong record of service excellence supplying effective solutions for HVAC and plumbing issues. Additionally, with their emergency services available 24/7, they are a dependable choice for resolving pressing infrastructure problems, any time of the day.

To access their services, customers can reach out to them via a provided contact number. They also have an online booking platform for more tech-savvy clients, offering another convenient way to schedule their services. With their comprehensive offerings and wide service area, Air Conditioning and Plumbing positions itself as a reliable service provider for HVAC and plumbing needs in Florida.