ForTest T Series offers a wide range of leak test equipment suitable for industrial use. Their product line includes multiple types of leak testers, flow testers, and metrology tools such as calibrated jets and detectors. ForTest strives to cover all testing necessities with their complex and diverse product range.

The T Series houses different kinds of leak testers such as differential, remote differential, micro differential, absolute decay, two-channel absolute decay, universal continuous measurement for the gas sector, and absolute micro-channel, bi-channel test instruments. Each is designed to perform a specific type of leak testing, from the entry-level T6060 to the more professional grade T8990.

The T Series also includes Flow testers, designed to conduct precise fluid flow measurements. The models available range from the all-in-one T8997 to the high-powered T8730, which is capable of continuous measurements. All models ensure accurate testing, as per industry requirements.

In the Metrology sector, the T Series offers a collection of leak detectors and calibrated jets, as well as digital portable calibrators such as the T2710 and T2730. These devices are made to ensure precise measurements and calibrations, catering to various industrial applications.

The T Series also offers a software application, the Leak Test Manager, designed for traceability of leak tests. This software helps customers keep track of all their leakage tests, enhancing the accessibility and functionality of the technical equipment provided.

The Leak Tester T Series by ForTest is meticulously designed to cater to a spectrum of leak testing needs, offering a broad selection of testers, each equipped with a specific set of functions to ensure accurate and effective results. It's a comprehensive equipment suite catering to various aspects of the leak testing process, including differential leak testing, absolute decay testing, and flow testing.

All aspects considered, the T Series from ForTest shows a commitment to robust and reliable leak testing equipment, ensuring precise measurements and accurate results. This equipment range promises to deliver a comprehensive solution for a variety of leak testing and metrology needs. The incorporation of dedicated software for the management and traceability of tests adds value to the overall functionality of the T Series. Taking into consideration the features and the range of equipment provided, ForTest's T Series presents a dependable solution for industrial leak testing requirements.

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