InterFulfillment is a Canadian-based third-party logistics (3PL) shipping service with a focus on multi-channel eCommerce solutions. It operates from four fully owned and operational order fulfillment centers based in Toronto and Vancouver.

Targeting businesses of various sizes and needs, InterFulfillment offers a tailored approach to order fulfillment. It emphasizes understanding each business's unique requirements, ensuring its services are aligned accordingly. With a customer-focused perspective, the company strives to provide more individualized services rather than treating customers generically.

InterFulfillment is recognized as the official supplier of the Canadian Olympic Team. Engaging with significant projects like this not only enhances its profile but also demonstrates its capacity to handle bulk orders while maintaining quality of service.

In addition to the primary order fulfillment service, additional features include login access for merchants, consolidated information access through order fulfillment articles, and quote requests to cater to specific business needs better. This enhances customer service experience and makes it easier for clients to navigate through the service provisions.

InterFulfillment's approach to customer support also deserves mention. The team is easily reachable through toll-free calls. This indicates their commitment to accommodating customer queries and resolving any issues promptly. The company also ensures confidentiality of all information provided and utilizes the data for improving their cost analysis process. This illustrates their commitment to maintaining customer trust and enhancing their service quality.

Overall, InterFulfillment is a prominent 3PL service provider in Canada with a comprehensive suite of services. They are characterized by their customer-centric approach, operational efficiency, and commitment to understand and cater to the specific needs of businesses using their services.

Business address

InterFulfillment Inc.
420 Finchdene Square,
M1X 1C2

Contact details

Phone: 1-800-604-4595