SharpMoov Movers is a logistics company that specialises in various moving services, including motorcycle transport, piano moving, car transport, furniture courier, and long-distance removals. With operations across key cities in South Africa such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and an array of other locations, the company offers national coverage in moving services.

SharpMoov Movers aims to make the process of house moving simplified for their customers. They handle all aspects of the moving process, from providing quotes from trusted moving companies to managing each step of the move. The company's goal is to offer the safest and cheapest way to book moving services in South Africa and makes the booking process easy with its three-step approach.

As part of its process, SharpMoov Movers first collects necessary information about the move from the customer. This includes details on the type of items to be moved, the accessibility of the location, the moving date, any special items and other relevant information. This step is designed to ensure they can connect the customer with the most suitable movers who are fully prepared for the task.

Once the customer's needs are understood, SharpMoov Movers then matches the customer with a suitable mover from its network. The company claims to have pre-negotiated prices with moving companies in its network. This allows SharpMoov Movers to provide competitive pricing to its customers, reportedly offering services at a cost 50% to 70% cheaper than if a customer sought a private quote. Thus, SharpMoov Movers appears to offer a comprehensive, affordable, and seamless solution for those in need of moving services.

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SharpMoov Moving Companies
Slovenia Street,
South Africa

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Phone: 0871472557