Cotaplan is a prominent UK business specializing in modular buildings. They design and construct a variety of prefabricated buildings for a diverse range of sectors including education, healthcare, and commercial. One of their services includes cabin hire which caters to the needs of businesses looking for temporary spaces.

The company has a strong dedication to the education sector, providing modular buildings for nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities. Cotaplan offers customized classrooms, dining halls, canteens, and laboratories, all structured according to customer specifications. They were the first in the UK to build a PassivClass classroom, demonstrating their commitment to innovation in their field.

Cotaplan offers modular solutions for the healthcare industry as well. They construct clinics, doctor's surgeries, hospitals, NHS buildings, pharmacies, dental surgeries, and wards. The modular construction method they utilize for these healthcare facilities ensures a high standard of construction, adaptable layout, and quick project turn-around times.

In addition to education and healthcare sectors, Cotaplan provides modular building services for offices and commercial buildings. Their modular offices are an affordable and sustainable solution catering to varying needs of companies for providing comfortable working conditions for staff.

Cotaplan offers many options for their customers. Whether it's a community centre, a multi-storey building, a veterinary clinic, or even a refurbished modular building, Cotaplan's services extend to these areas. They also accommodate changing customer needs with services such as modular building hire, selling pre-used modular buildings, and providing finance and compliance support for their clients.

The company also has a commendable approach to interior design. Their modular rooms are built for functionality and can be customized to meet unique requirements. With Cotaplan's services, businesses have the flexibility to design the interior of their prefabricated buildings, creating a comfortable and practical environment for users.

Verdict: Cotaplan is a comprehensive provider of modular building services, capable of creating a range of functional and customized spaces for businesses across various industries. Their designs meet high standards of construction while also offering flexibility to allow customisation to the client's needs.

Business address

Unit 1, Ashton Grange Industrial Estate, Bryn Road,
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0800 7999 049