Trade Life is a lifestyle brand specifically curated for skilled professionals. It appeals to men and women who have made a career in the trades and offers a range of accessories, notably hats representing various professions such as welding, carpentry, HVAC tech, electrics, and plumbing. With a strong mission to help every skilled worker show pride in their profession, Trade Life positions itself as more than just a provider of accessories. The brand embodies a life-calling vocational journey and the unique skills of its target audience.

Gear from Trade Life goes beyond just functionality it's a representation of one's skill and profession. The selection of hats listed on their website are priced at $30 each. The hats prove to be a way for workers in these fields to display their professional pride, while also adhering to the appropriate dress code required in these industries.

In addition to its online store, Trade Life also operates a blog and an Instagram page, where they highlight the high demand for trade skills and express gratitude towards men and women who dedicate their skills and knowledge to the trades. They also encourage their customers to tag them in posts to get featured, promoting a sense of community amongst its users. In conclusion, Trade Life offers a unique platform for skilled professionals to display their trades pride through stylish and functional accessories.

Business address

Trade Life LLC
886 N State Road 135,
United States