Answering Service London's keyword for success is professionalism. But, as one discovers in exploring their services, that professionalism doesn't come at sky-high prices. The company presents an enticing mix of affordable receptionist services, making it an affordable virtual assistant for many businesses in the United Kingdom and beyond.

It's hardly surprising that the firm promises prompt and efficient handling of all calls, a claim authenticated by its well-qualified and trained professionals. They handle incoming calls following the specific instructions provided by the client, ensuring customization to tailor their service. Each receptionist demonstrates an impressive level of competence and can manage calls for designated departments or individuals. To further reinforce the claim of efficiency, their services are cloud-based, allowing optimal connectivity for secure transfer or instant delivery of messages via email or SMS.

The flexibility of their services is another commendable feature, with options to answer all or only some incoming calls. It's this adjustability that pares down the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist for businesses, offering potential savings of up to 40%.

One of the key aspects underpinning this is how the company leverages technology. Their cloud-based system ensures businesses remain connected with their workforce at all times, with the system forwarding calls to appropriate staff or instantly dispatching messages via email or text.

Despite their palpable emphasis on professionalism, there's a personal touch with a custom greeting when signing up. This small gesture of customized service shows the comprehensive nature of their approach towards service delivery.

Verdict: Answering Service London offer an affordable way for businesses to remain connected and provides a professional front to customers. Their efficient, flexible, and cloud-based service paves the way for businesses to cut down on the costs of hiring in-house receptionists while not compromising on the professionalism of call handling.