Certified Homecare Consulting is a healthcare consulting business that offers assistance for creating home care, home health care and hospice businesses. The company offers a variety of startup programs, policy, and procedure guidance, and other services such as marketing and training for home health care agencies.

The team at Certified Homecare Consulting is composed of certified home care and health care consultants. These professionals provide consultation services for both new and existing healthcare businesses. One of the company's unique selling propositions is their provision of tailored support regardless of the stage one is at in starting their healthcare business. This could range from a home health care business to a hospice business.

Certified Homecare Consulting offers a fast track to state licensure, accreditation, and successful startup for those looking to begin a home care, home health care, or hospice business. The company extends a licensure and accreditation guarantee. This means that they back their services by ensuring clients will receive the necessary state licensure and accreditation to operate their healthcare businesses effectively.

In addition to consultation services, the company offers a range of products aimed at new healthcare businesses. These include start of care admission packets for home health care agencies. These services enhance the practical support the company offers.

Through their services, Certified Homecare Consulting aims to streamline the processes of starting a healthcare business. By offering guidance on various aspects of healthcare business, ranging from startup programs to training, the company enables the clients to focus on providing healthcare services, and not be burdened with complex business setup processes.

In conclusion, Certified Homecare Consulting is a resourceful service provider for those looking to start or improve a home care, home health care or hospice business. Their services, backed by a licensure and accreditation guarantee, can be an asset for those seeking to fast-track their startup journey in the healthcare industry.

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