is a highly comprehensive and versatile website dedicated to providing detailed bolt pattern guides for automobile wheels. The website features an exhaustive table that is frequently updated, with the last update noted to be on September 18, 2023. Accommodating a vast range of car makes and models, this table provides important data such as bolt pattern, wheel offset, center bore, stud pattern, and more.

Notably, the website utilizes metric measurements for the provided dimensions such as bolt patterns, center hole, and stud thread size. However, for the convenience of its users, it also includes instructions on how to convert these measurements to inches where necessary. This versatility makes the content accessible and user-friendly, allowing both metric and imperial system users to understand the information.

The website does an excellent job in explaining what a bolt pattern is. It describes the number of bolts or lug nuts required to fit a wheel, and provides the pitch circle diameter. The layout is structured to assist even a novice to gain an understanding of wheel and rim technicalities without overcomplicating the information. For example, 5/114,3 denotes a bolt pattern where 5 refers to the number of holes and 114,3 specifies the pitch circle diameter.

An additional feature that stands out with is its blog section. Here, the site is dedicated to discussing various topics associated with wheel rims and tires. This broadens the scope of information provided, making it not just a bolt pattern guide, but a comprehensive resource for all things wheel-related.

However, makes it clear that users must adhere strictly to their terms and conditions, even going so far as to strongly advise potential users who do not accept their terms to leave the website immediately. This underlines the serious nature of using this information and reinforces the responsibility all parties have when handling technical specifications.

Finally, the website explicitly informs visitors to use the information provided at their own risk and does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. Therefore, it implies that visitors should double-check the information independently. This disclaimer indicates transparency but could also deter users who are searching for absolutely reliable information.

Overall, is a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing detailed guidance on bolt patterns for different car models and makes. With its extensive guides and informative blog posts, it serves as a one-stop-shop for automobile enthusiasts and professionals alike, albeit with a measure of discretion advised in handling the information provided.

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