Germany TS is a specialized translation service that provides certified German and English translations. They have been successfully delivering personalized translation services with seamless and prompt handling for over 15 years.

The translation agency takes pride in their experience and ability to offer individualized attention to each project, which contributes to their fast and efficient transactions. They offer their services to diverse documents like school certificates, work certificates, training certificates, and certificates pertaining to emigration to the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. These features make GermanyTS a comprehensive language solution for personal and professional needs.

In the pricing aspect, they set clear charges for each type of certificate, ensuring there are no hidden costs. For instance, the translation of a high school diploma is priced at 78 Euros, while a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and driving record command a fee of 30 Euros. A driver's license translation requires a payment of 38 Euros. The straightforward and transparent pricing structure can appeal to clients seeking cost predictability in their translation projects.

It's important to note that GermanyTS intends to close its translation services until October 2, 2023. However, they assure their clientele that they will resume operations post the closure period. Thus, potential customers need to plan their translation needs around this schedule.

In conclusion, GermanyTS is a seasoned entity in the language services industry, offering certified German-English and English-German translations. Their vast experience, personalized approach, efficient processing, and transparent pricing model make them a reliable language partner for customers that prioritize quality and cost-effectiveness. While they have seasonal closures, they plan to serve their customers consistently upon resumption.

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GermanyTS Germany Translation Service GbR
Hebbelstraße 10,

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Phone: +49 (0) 331 64 75 81 57