Wooden Shelves is a specialized retailer offering solid timber wall and floating shelving solutions. The company is prominent for its free delivery policy that applies to every order made. This ensures that all items are delivered directly to customers without any additional expenses, adding convenience for buyers and creating a seamless shopping experience.

Among their various product offerings, Wooden Shelves showcases an exclusive high-end walnut shelving range. This segment of their assortment is particularly appealing for customers seeking top-tier, premium wood type with a distinctive, elegant aesthetic. The products within this range appear to be excellently crafted, underscoring the company's commitment to quality.

In addition to their product range and free delivery, Wooden Shelves also offers an incentive for newsletter subscription in the form of a discount. Specifically, first-time customers receive ₤10 off when they spend ₤100 or more on their introductory purchase after signing up for the newsletter. This not only encourages customer interaction but also provides a monetary benefit that can be particularly appealing to new customers.

However, it's clear that Wooden Shelves should focus on diversification of their content to maintain customer attention. There is a notable repetition of promotional information throughout their platforms, which could be off-putting for some customers.

Overall, Wooden Shelves is a reliable destination for those seeking to purchase solid, beautifully designed timber wall and floating shelving units. Their exclusive walnut shelving range, coupled with the beneficial offering of free delivery on every order and a discount for newsletter subscription, makes Wooden Shelves a compelling choice for customers. However, they need to avoid repetitiveness in their promotions and work on diversifying their content.

Business address

Timber Shelves
28 Lanchester Way, Royal Oak Industrial Estate,
NN11 8PH
United Kingdom

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Phone: 01327437230