The company titled More Than Brickwork, located in Telford, provides a diverse array of construction related services. Their expertise spans across brickwork, landscaping, groundworks, and home improvements, endeavoring to exceed customer expectations by delivering high-quality projects within the preordained time and budget constraints.

Brickwork stands at the forefront of services provided by the company. By employing a team of experienced bricklayers, More Than Brickwork promises high-quality services ranging from the design and creation of stunning brick walls and facades, to the restoration and repairment of pre-existing brickwork.

In addition to brickwork, More Than Brickwork offers a comprehensive suite of groundwork services in the Telford, Shropshire, and surrounding areas. Whether the client is a homeowner looking to install a new tarmac driveway or a public sector entity searching for a reliable contractor, More Than Brickwork can cater to their specific groundwork requirements. This becomes particularly appealing for those looking to outsource a multitude of tasks to a single contractor, making the process of project completion more smooth and efficient.

Also encompassed within their range of services are home improvements. These not only elevate the aesthetic value of a property but also enhance its functional aspects. More Than Brickwork offers a diverse array of interior and exterior painting and decorating services. Whether it's painting interior walls, glossing, wallpapering, exterior paintwork, or door painting, individuals in Telford and its surrounding areas can rely on More Than Brickwork to help make their homes more beautiful and inviting.

A definitive plus for prospective clients is the ease of contact and availability of free quotes. Interested individuals can simply give a call to arrange a consultation or make enquiries. The aspect of seamless communication offers a unique customer-centric experience making the whole process hassle-free and more consumer-oriented.

Verdict: More Than Brickwork presents a one-stop solution for those seeking high quality construction-based services in Telford and its surrounding region. With their team of experienced professionals, diverse services, and customer-centric approach, they have been successful in marking their reputation in the industry. However, the personal experience would depend on the specific project and individual requirements of the clients.

Business address

More Than Brickwork
22 Church Grove,
Donnington, Telford ,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 07939 506912