This company is a comprehensive guide to various business funding options for companies in different sectors. This includes options such as Recovery Loan Scheme, asset-based finance or lending, invoice discounting, and more. It appears to have a specialized knowledge of unique funding mechanisms, such as a merchant card advance and factoring, as well as more traditional methods like overdrafts and VAT loans.

The company also provides consulting services for businesses in challenging situations, with a focus on 'turnaround' approaches. This suggests a capacity to work with businesses that may be in financial distress, offering assistance in the form of turnaround finance and turnaround capital growth finance. It appears to specialize in industries such as recruitment and hospitality, suggesting a broad understanding of the particulars of these fields.

In addition to providing information on funding options and consulting services, the company appears to offer personalized assistance through its 'Raising Finance' and 'Funding A Company in a CVA' sections. The company can help clients identify the best loan or funding products for their businesses, and offers call support for advice on funding options.

Further, the company promotes a funding initiative specific to businesses based in London and the South East, qualifying them for ₤250,000 loans at 2% interest per month, with a term length of 12-36 months. Significantly, they promise quick decisions on these funding initiatives, suggesting a recognition of the importance of time sensitivity in business financing.

In conclusion, this company appears to be a multi-faceted resource for businesses looking for funding support. It provides information on a vast array of funding options, offers specialized consulting services, provides personalised advice and assistance, and conducts specific funding initiatives. This is complimented by their easy to reach customer support line, and prompt decision-making process for loan applications.

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Company Funding Options
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