Lisa Griffith, with her business Griffith Productivity Solutions (GPS), presents a compelling profile of a productivity consultant and organizer. One of her standout attributes is her background in teaching for two decades. Teaching is an exercise in imparting order, much like organizing, and it demands effective communication. Think of her as a seasoned chef who has mastered both the science and the art of cooking; she understands the ingredients (people's habits and workspaces) and knows how to combine them creatively for an enjoyable experience.

Her credentials go beyond experience; she is a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO) with rigorous training, which places her among a select few hundred in the U.S. This isn't merely a stamp of approval; it's like a Michelin star in a restaurant, signaling a commitment to high standards and continuous learning.

Moreover, her journey of transformation—from a teacher to establishing The Organized Way, and then rebranding to GPS—indicates a readiness to adapt and grow. It shows she's not a static expert but a dynamic professional. In business terms, she has pivoted successfully, much like companies like Twitter or Slack, which started as different projects before finding their true calling.

Her client focus is also noteworthy. She has carved a niche for herself serving entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals, leveraging her firsthand experience of balancing work, home, and family. It's as if she's taken her own struggles with the "hamster in a wheel" syndrome and channeled it into a playbook for others.

On the academic front, Lisa holds a certificate in Time Management and Productivity and is a member of relevant industry bodies. These aren't mere alphabet soups added to her profile; they represent her commitment to stay ahead in a constantly evolving field. Picture a surgeon who regularly attends medical conferences to stay updated on the latest procedures and technologies.

She infuses her sessions with an engaging presentation style, owing to her background in performing arts. Much like a versatile actor who brings each role to life, she enlivens her organizing sessions, ensuring they aren't sterile or monotonous.

Finally, Lisa's mission aims at immediate applicability and long-term sustainability. She isn't just solving the problem; she's teaching her clients how to prevent it from recurring. Her strategy is akin to teaching someone to fish rather than just handing them a fish, guaranteeing they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

With her multi-layered expertise, well-defined client focus, and robust credentials, Lisa seems equipped to not just organize spaces but also lives, freeing up her clients to pursue both obligatory tasks and personal interests.