Tradefit is a comprehensive hardware supplier, catering specifically to the trade. Offering a vast range of products, it accommodates needs for diverse hardware including door furniture, cabinet fittings, door accessories, knobs, handles, locks, and hinges. Tradefit also provides products for fencing and landscaping. The company is keen to attract and retain trade customers, offering incentives such as discounts for higher value purchases. For instance, a 5% discount is offered on spends over ₤250, increasing to a 10% discount on spends exceeding ₤500.

Tradefit operates predominantly online, ensuring a seamless and swift service for clients. All categories of products are displayed on their website, providing an easy-to-navigate experience. Contacting the company is also straightforward, with phone lines open from 8:30 to 17:30, Monday through Friday.

Moreover, the company is committed to convenience, offering a comprehensive delivery service, inclusive of specific items like Fire Door OOS. It has a well-structured return policy in place, indicating a dedication to customer satisfaction.

In terms of specific offerings, the company supplies a myriad of hardware, across multiple categories. For instance, their cabinet fittings range includes connectors, brackets, knobs, handles, legs, and feet. Door-related products also extend to ancillaries like door chains, door furniture, door selectors, door stops and wedges, door viewers, escutcheons, and door weather seals. For those requiring fittings for windows, Tradefit also offers casement stays, fasteners, and locks.

One major strength of Tradefit is the breadth of its product offerings. Whether a customer requires bathroom turn and release systems, auto gate latches, adjustable hook and band hinges, or coat hooks, Tradefit can provide.

Verdict: Tradefit is a large-scale hardware supplier, focused on providing products to trade customers. Its wide range of product offerings, combined with convenient online services and discount incentives, make it an appealing option for trade hardware requirements.