is an online platform dedicated to helping individuals and organizations find serviced and shared office spaces for rent in various cities across Australia. The locations they cover include, but are not limited to, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and other well-known cities and suburbs. Apart from major cities, they also service various smaller localities like Blacktown, Bondi Junction, Brighton, Cairns, Camberwell, among others, striving to cater to a wide range of client needs.

Providing a user-friendly navigation mechanism, ensures that finding the ideal office space in Australia is an effortless process. Users can select the city of their choice from the given drop down list on the homepage, making it simple and straightforward to locate spaces within different locations. The contact number conspicuously displayed on the website ensures that users can effortlessly reach out for any necessary assistance or queries.

Verdict: provides an accessible and easy-to-use online service, streamlining the process of finding and renting serviced and shared office spaces in Australia. Their widespread coverage of both large cities and smaller localities indicates their dedication to cater to a broad customer base. By providing efficient customer service and a hassle-free browsing experience, they offer users a convenient solution to their office space needs.

Contact details

Phone: 02 9055 9335