Philadelphia Commercial Appraisers, known as the top commercial real estate appraisal firm in Philadelphia, specializes in providing services for individual property owners and their advisors. They stand out by not serving institutional clients like banks and mortgage companies, focusing instead on private clients and professionals like attorneys and financial planners.

The company highlights two main types of commercial real estate appraisal companies: those serving institutional clients and those catering to individuals. Philadelphia Commercial Appraisers proudly aligns with the latter, ensuring personalized attention and service. Their choice to work with individual clients stems from a desire to maintain quality and independence in their appraisals, avoiding the high-volume, low-quality approach often seen with institutional clients.

One of their key differences is their commitment to using only experienced appraisers. They never employ trainee appraisers, ensuring that all appraisals are conducted by PA State Certified professionals with at least 15 years of experience. This practice guarantees reliable, accurate, and thoroughly-researched appraisals, free from the influence of institutional demands for speed and cost-saving at the expense of quality.

Philadelphia Commercial Appraisers values treating each client as important, in contrast to many firms where individual clients might feel secondary to larger institutional clients. They offer direct access to their team, ensuring a high level of customer service and commitment. Their approach is not only about delivering excellent service but also doing so at a competitive cost.

Reviews from clients like Josiah K. and Billy T. reflect the firm's commitment to timely response, professionalism, and competence. They mention the firm's ability to deliver fast, efficient service and appraisals that facilitate their property transactions.

Philadelphia Commercial Appraisers provides a range of services for various property types in Philadelphia, emphasizing their extensive experience and the expertise of their appraisers. This firm is an ideal choice for anyone needing a commercial property appraisal in Philadelphia, prioritizing accuracy, experience, and client-focused service.

The company encourages potential clients to contact them for a free quote, promising responsive and informative customer service.

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Philadelphia Commercial Appraisers
2929 Arch Street, Suite 1700,
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Phone: (215) 970-7029