The Corcoran Group is an international real estate company that specializes in luxury properties. They offer various services which include buying, renting, selling, and new developments. In addition, they have a commercial real estate section where customers can search for business properties.

There are several ways for customers to navigate through the Corcoran Group's offers. They may search for properties by location, address, ZIP code, or property ID. Alternatively, they can browse through all available properties, using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to view the different options.

An additional service provided by the Corcoran Group is their agent service. Prospective customers can search for local agents or browse through all the agents affiliated with the Group. This allows customers to connect with an agency professional who can assist them with their property needs. For those interested in joining the field, the Corcoran Group also offers the option to become an affiliate or agent.

The Corcoran Group is not just focused on real estate transactions. They also aim to provide useful information to their customers. Their website includes market reports and neighborhood guides, which can give potential buyers or tenants an insight into their chosen area. They also maintain the Inhabit blog, another source of helpful information.

To facilitate comfort during the property search process, the Corcoran Group has an option to adjust visitor preferences on their website. Customers can toggle between buying, renting, or hiring an agent, alongside other customization options. This feature helps customers tailor the website to fit their personal needs and preferences.

For specific luxury listings, the Corcoran Group showcases properties such as the one at 530 Park Avenue, 15B, with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms listed at $7,250,000, and the one at 285 Howell Mountain Road, which has 4 full bedrooms, a half bedroom, and a similar number of bathrooms for $7,500,000. Yet another interesting property is located at 11 Colonial Lane, featuring 5 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms, priced at $3,750,000.

The Corcoran Group indicates a clear commitment to fair housing laws and standard operating procedures, showing their dedication to providing quality and equitable service to all their customers. Their professionalism and consistent dedication to high standards in delivering real estate services make them a reliable choice for both property buyers and sellers alike.