This company offers a comprehensive range of modern house numbers that also double as decorative pieces for your home. They provide an online platform where customers can explore a variety of house number styles and designs, with a plethora of options to customize the size, font, orientation, material, and finish of the house numbers. Their commitment to variety and customization is clearly reflected in the extensive list of options they present to the consumers.

There are six different sizes available, starting from 4 inches and going up to 15 inches. The size of the house numbers varies depending on the factor associated with each size. This allows customers to select a size that will be suitable and proportionate for display on various types of houses, be it a bungalow, row house, duplex, or an apartment.

The typography selection is impressive, with nine different fonts available. From the professional and modulated Benton to the sleek and stylish Roboto, there is a wide array of fonts to match every individual's unique taste. There are also creative choices like the Quiche and Sweet Buttermilk Script for those who wish to give a unique touch to their residence.

The orientation can be either horizontal or vertical, offering flexibility to the customers to align with the layout and aesthetic preferences of their home. This feature also enables the product to fit seamlessly onto different types of facades and doors.

Material choices include durable and premium options such as aluminum, brass, copper, in addition to the more affordable and lightweight options of acrylic and plastic. Each material comes with its own factor-based calculation, a useful feature that allows customers to estimate the weight and physical attributes of their custom house number.

The company also offers two types of finishes - satin and polished. Satin provides a smooth and matte finish, while the polished finish offers a high-shine and glossy look. Therefore, these two finishes cater to a broad spectrum of aesthetics, from classy and understated to contemporary and chic.

In conclusion, this company provides an extensive catalog of modern house numbers with diverse customization options. The plethora of choices in size, typography, orientation, material, and finish offers the customer the freedom to design a product that will not only serve its function but also enhance the visual appeal of their home. Customers can contact the company via their provided contact number for any queries or assistance, making the entire process of customization and purchase convenient and customer-centric.

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