Bishops Printers is a commercial printing company, established in 1985. They provide a variety of services, including Brochure, Magazine, Booklet, Leaflet, and Flyer printing. They also offer Litho and Digital Printing, Mailings, Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitch Binding, and a White Label Service.

The company has a reputation for being both friendly and knowledgeable, without appearing overly extravagant. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality print at competitive prices, always adhering to set deadlines. They are known to quote fixed prices for their services, a guarantee that remains in place for a period of 30 days, ensuring service predictability for clients.

Bishops Printers also promises expertise in their field, using cutting-edge systems and a skilled team to ensure a fast, flexible, and efficient experience. Their service model underscores the point of ensuring seamless customer experiences, and they cater to orders for print or for print and mail combined.

They appear to have a diverse clientele, ranging from commercial groups to charities, such as the Macmillan Cancer Support. Among their highlighted values is a commitment to environmental consciousness, although details on this are not specified. The company also flaunts their history and values, establishing a narrative of firm roots in the industry.

Contacting Bishops Printers is straightforward, with their email and phone number prominently displayed. Their physical location is in Portsmouth and gives more assurance to potential customers about their concrete presence.

Overall, Bishops Printers presents a professional and reliable outbound image. With considerable experience in their field, the company has positioned itself as a reliable source for various printing needs. Their customer-centric approach, coupled with an endearing self-description as 'unconventionally conventional', presents them as a trustworthy choice in their market. Their services seem adequately diverse to cater to a broad range of commercial printing needs. While more information regarding their environmental policies could enhance their profile, the company's longevity and customer testimonials contribute to a robust and positive image.

Business address

Bishops Printers Ltd
Walton Road,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 023 9233 4900