Whoosh Design is a well-accomplished firm with 17+ years of commercial experience in prepress artworking, design, and print. They have carved a niche for themselves in providing services like graphic design, creative artworking, book typesetting, and catalogues and magazine design and layout alongside a range of other related services. The company has earned a dependable reputation in the industry and has consistently assisted various printing companies in transforming their prospects to reality by troubleshooting text and image files and transforming them into print-ready documents.

This company's services extend beyond just prepress artworking to providing design solutions for flyers, leaflets, brochures and newsletters. Their book cover design and typesetting stand out for their innovate approach and creativity, and the logos, icons, graphics, banners they create are equally attractive yet professional. Apart from these, Whoosh Design also offers design solutions for stationery items, greetings cards, postcards, and advertisements. They are also proficient in web design and PDF creation, showing their broad range of capabilities.

The most prominent feature of Whoosh Design is their remarkable customer service. They have incessantly shown a penchant for promptness, professionalism, and high-quality work, as vouched by their clients. One of their long-term clients, Caric Press Ltd., has praised their prompt and professional work, which comes at competitive prices while maintaining a very high standard. Similarly, author Lance Black regards them as responsive and professional, stating that the quality of their work is of high order and the value for money is great.

Their exceptional approach towards their work offers added value to their clients' business and increases their customer base. Whoosh Design provides sympathy alongside their services, a feature not commonly seen among their counterparts. The company's constant strive for excellence is reflected through their work and their reputation among their clients. This makes Whoosh Design an ideal choice for anyone in need of professional and high-quality prepress artworking, design, and print services.

In short, Whoosh Design is a reliable, professional, and highly competent firm in the prepress artworking, design, and print industry. Their broad array of services, backed by 17+ years of commercial experience, and consistently high-quality work is sure to meet the varied needs of multiple clients. Their great workmanship and the value they provide warrant trust and further engagements with Whoosh Design.